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Being wishy washy on my laptop.


Ryzen 5 4600H

Crucial 16GB 2x8 3200 MHz DDR4


GTX 1650 4GB GGR6

120 MHz screen


I have $700 in this setup.  I guess I just want reassurance I have a good setup considering the apocalypse going on and shouldn't sell.  I was thinking about old OptiPlex and adding 1650, 16 GB (DDR3), 1TB (SATA III) SSD and 120 MHz 1ms G-Sync montor, and wireless combo keyboard and mouse.  The reasons I'm having such reservations is because I can't keep my cat off the damn laptop (doesn't listen) and I'm not willing to put up the laptop multiple times a day.  I'm just asking for sanity check I should keep laptop all things considered?



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the laptop would still be better imo, even if you can get a gpu at a reasonable price. the cpu and ram out perform an optiplex by a good amount, even if you max upgrade it.

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