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Showing off my custom wall case

Made a post a few months ago with the idea of a wall pc and it’s finally come true. It’s made of half inch pine, 1/16 inch steel plate, and the tools from my dads garage. Minus the cable mess, I think it turned out pretty awesome. Under the spoiler are some pictures of the development




I hope this gives inspiration to any of you who can’t find their dream case. Just know there will be many, many problems. I got by but it took 3 months and about 100 hours of total work. Oh yeah, and like $250 for materials and aesthetics. (60cm riser cables aren’t cheap!)

Click ittttttt ===========> Check out my pc building guide! pls i spent way too long on it

It's great for planning new builds, getting a reference on where to start, or seeing what you need to play what games.

It also shows what I recommend for upgrading your stuff!

cpu - ryzen 5 3600

gpu - gtx 1070

ram - (2x8) 3200mhz

ssd - 970 evo plus 500gb

ssd2 - 860 qvo 1tb

mobo - asrock b450m hdv r4.0

psu - evga b5 550w bronze

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