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what is the cause of issue here,monitor,motherboard or GPU?

Hellow guys,

So I was kinda patient with this issue but recently it started to get on my nerves a lot.

I get this issue since I bought this monitor.

So I own "unlucky" Samsung CJG 50 32 " monitor which has display port and 2xHDMI inputs.

My 3 current PCs are hooked up to HDMI1, HDMI 2 (supports 144 Hz) (the one on the video) and DP.

Whenever I turn on second PC which is hooked up via display port I don't have any issues,monitor auto turns ON and I get picture.

But when I turn ON the PC which is hooked up via HDMI 2 and want to go into BIOS here is what happens (look on video).

So basically it doesn't detect source/graphics card signal at all,even when manually selecting HDMI via button on monitor (the one I pressed on video).

So I basically need to turn OFF PC and turn ON it again which is odd so I can get ROG logo and picture on monitor.

This happens each time when I want to turn ON second PC via HDMI 2 port,when the first PC was working previously via DP

But lets say I only use this second PC via HDMI 2.I do get picture each time when I just turn ON this PC for like today,tomorrow,the day after tomorrow.

That is okay if this was the only PC used on monitor.

Immediately if I turn ON first PC via display port it somehow confuses monitor each time I change PCs,so every time I need to select manually the input source which is HDMI 2.

All settings for monitor are set to AUTO detect source,and for some reason I don't get automatically picture via any of the HDMI inputs but only via display port input.

I should RMA the monitor but this fault is kinda hard to prove,so I kept it,but I wonder should it suppose to work like this or I'm having issue with something.

What can cause this issue,and I can do something to repair it?



Please do not take offence for my apparent confusion or rudeness,it's not intent me to be like that,it's just my BPD,be nice to me,and I'll return twice better,be rude and usually I get easly pissed of...I'll try to help anyone here,as long as it's something I dealt with,and even if you think I'm rude or not polite,forgive me,  it's not me it's my BPD.

Thanks for understanding.

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