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Water cooling my home NAS/Gaming machine.

The system is 

-Case fractal define 7 xl. Again lol love this case. 

-Asus tuff gaming wifi x570 with 3900x. Edit now with 5950x 

-Ram 64gb dominator platinum 3200 cl14 or was it cl16? 
-GPUs 2 @ 3080 aorus master extreme. 

-1000 watt Evga 80+ gold PSU

-8 wd red hdd stripped.

-hot swap hdd bay

-3 LG CX oled 

New water cooling goodies. 

-I am using an EK mono block for both the cpu and VRAM 

-EK FLT 420 res/pump combo

-420mm x 30mm rad. 

-280mm x 30mm rad. 


I am ocd as hell so the wire managing may be overkill on this build. 

The system can’t run all three screens at 4K 120 due to one of the 3 hdmi outputs only being hdmi 2.0🤬 so it’s only 2k 120 spanned. Even though it can’t swing full resolution on the screens the system is a 🤬 monster. I will add a 5950x as soon as I can get one at retail. I get scalped enough with my gpus lol. 

You know you like that cable management 😉  You will love how this goes together. Like most of the systems I build it will fit with some case modifications lol. 

The purpose of this system is to game/stream, mine crypto and mine chai coin. It does all three at once so it’s a very capable machine.  

The pics are when I originally built it back when I was just running a 2080ti. 





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It’s all here except the water-blocks. I want to use the alphacool instead of the China water blocks. So I will wait for them to ship from Germany. Should be here in a week or so. They shipped Friday. Been waiting on these water-blocks 8 weeks now. 

I already have the 2 Arous master 3080 extremes. 


I am hopeful I can get the system together and done in a single weekend this next weekend but you know how that goes. I think I have all the needed fittings but I won’t know until it’s happening. 



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Waterblocks are here. A quick video on the progress. I hope I can get this done tomorrow but you know how that goes 😂


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Today was a good day for computer refitting. Got the system complete and running. 

Its name is unicorn vomit, or pepto lol. You will see the pint of the pink fluid once I get the rgb lights tuned. About the rgb lights. Ya the bottom card has defective lights 🤮🔨🤬🤬🤬🤬. It’s not like this system is easy to fill and I have to pull it down completely to swap out the water block. Thankfully I have an extra. 

Memory temps while mining at 196MH/s  with both cards is 75c completely silent. 

This system can run 6 plots, mine eth at 96MH/s on one gpu and game at 2k 120 on the other while stream at 1080 60 with obs studios, all at the same time without missing a beat. I could do more plots with a 5950x but otherwise this system is a monster for what it is. 






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This is a shitty update. I went to swap out that waterblock with defective lights and when priming the loop I missed one of the two cpu power plugs. I unplugged one but missed the other buried under other wires. So you know what that means. Motherboard and most likely the cpu are toast. I will have the new board by noon today and am debating weather to trust that cpu if it still works. So I may order a

scalped 5950x. Either way it’s a $200-$600 mistake at the least 🔨🤬 


It makes one wonder if the potential for disaster with these 24pin jumpers is so great why don’t they have a warning label on them? I just screwed up but that did stand out to me. 

The board will get an rma and maybe asus will replace it at some point down the road. 


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Great news is the board was blown but the chip was fine. Honestly no idea why this happened but the board is on its way back to asus to see if it’s covered. 

The new is the 5950x. 16 cores and 32 threads.  Very powerful chip! This asus tuff gaming plus WiFi board is now running two 2tb m.2 nvme drives. One 4tb 2.5” 4tb sata ssd. One 14tb exos hdd. Two 10tb wd red pro hdd. Eight 4tb wd red hdd. I still have a 1x pcie slot open getting a 4x usb 3.0 card. We need the extra bandwidth on the usb lanes. We were getting usb devices dropping with two cameras connected. 

This system has no problem eth mining on one gpu while gaming and streaming on the other all while plotting chia on 10 cores. 



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Today I swapped out the 4tb red drives for 10tb red pro drives. It now has Ten 10tb drives and one 14tb in the hot swap bay. I still have room for 3 or 4 more drives and a 1x pcie slot open. So room to expand. The system is super powerful. Completes about 20-25 plots a day on a single ssd without pushing it. 

This system has come a long way since I first built it. I built it for a home nas and a work station that could of corse game and stream but now it’s so much more. 

I hear it’s corny to leave toys in the computer case but these are the ones that come with the Aorus Master Extreem 3080s so I am leaving them in. Not to mention how much these little toys are going for on eBay lol. 






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