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YOP crypto mining pleb is back with probably another stupid question!


nicehash used to run perfectly fine, essentially getting 30-32MH/s with 80W at 60~ degree gpu and 75~ degree hotspot.


i tried using phoenix miner when i learned nicehash was taking quite a big cut, just wanting to get more out of my hardware, but ever since i ran phoenix miner nicehash as been really janky, randomly dropping down to 20mh/s until i restart it


and now requireing 85-90W for the same 30-32MH/s


i know the two miners had some drama or something, could phoenix miner have messed with my nicehash? or could it simply be that the settings i applied myself (wich were probably garbo) in phoenix mine permanantly changed something i did not want it to change?


or could i have simply damaged my components from mining? however it seemed unlikely as everywhere ive looked, my old stats were perfectly reasonable and should not have damaged my components at those temps.


is there any way to completely wipe any gpu tweaks done by both programs and get a fresh start?


thanks for any tip!

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