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Atomos Announces New Products, the Ninja V+ and Ninjia Stream

Atomos has announced a number of new products, including the Ninja V+ and Ninjia Stream.


Via DPReview:





Atomos has announced three new pieces of news regarding its Ninja V lineup. First up, the Ninja V gets H.265 codec support in a new, paid upgrade. Next, Atomos has announced the new Ninja V+, an expansion of the Ninja lineup that allows 8K/30p and 4K/120p capture in ProRes RAW. Lastly, Atomos has announced the Ninja Stream, a 5” 4K/60p monitor/recorder that includes built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity for sharing video feeds across the room — or globe.


The Ninja V+ is perhaps the most notable of all, as it supports recording 8K/30p and 4K/120p with Apple ProRes RAW support with their external recorders. It will also feature 10-bit HEVC codec out of the box. Currently, Atomos only mentions 8K/30p ProRes RAW recording with Canon’s EOS R5 and 4K/120p ProRes RAW recording with the Z Cam E2 and E2-M4, all via HDMI. Otherwise, the device features the same 5" 1000 nit display as the current Ninja V, and is powered by AtomOS.


Pricing for the Ninja V+ starts at $1,499, with the ‘Pro Kit,’ which includes the AtomX SDI adapter and likely other accessories, $1,699. Atomos says availability is looking at closer to end of 2021.


The next new product announced is the Ninja Stream. Basically, it is a new monitor/recorder that Atomos says per their marketing blurb ‘has been designed specifically to overcome the challenges of today’s socially distanced productions.’ Atomos says the device, which features the same 5” 1000-nit display found in the Ninja V and Ninja V+, ‘offers simultaneous recordings of both ProRes and H.264/5 proxy with shared file names and timecode, whilst sending video feeds to other Ninja’s, smart devices or web-based platforms simultaneously.’


The Ninja Stream can share video feeds with others on set via Wi-Fi or over Ethernet 1Gbe at up to 300m without the need for it to be connected to a PC for data transfer. No pricing or availability has been announced for it, yet.


The final piece of announcement from Atomos is a paid upgrade for the Ninja V, which Atomos says would add support for ‘H.265 workflows, with up to 4K/60p 10-bit 4:2:2 full ‘i’ frame with options for 8-bit at various data rates.’ Pricing for this update is $99, and will be available in May 2021.


In all, this seems like a fairly big update to the Atomos Ninja lineup, adding 8k support, and since they specifically mention Canon EOS R5 support for the 8K recording, it might actually be cheapest and easiest way to get into 8k for content creators, and have a reasonable workflow with the Apple ProRes RAW support. And you get to record on cheaper 2.5" SATA SSD's, which are MUCH cheaper than high capacity CFExpress cards.

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