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Rode nt1a mic keeps cutting off then randomly comes back to normal

I have bought myself a rode nt1a kit along with a millenium pocket phantom as my phantom power but when they all arrived i realized straight away something was up, my microphone was working perfectly the first day but when i used it the next i only got a bunch of hissing and my voice was nowhere to be heard. I sent my microphone off thinking it was that problem and received it only a few days ago after six weeks of waiting. when i plugged it all in i realised that it no longer worked and was worse than before. It is working right now somehow but i font understand. Could it be because of how cheap my audio interface is or is it a unrelated topic?

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The millennium pocket phantom is not an interface, only a phantom power supply.
I would strongly suggest trying the mic with an actual interface and if that doesn't solve it there may be something up with the mic or cables themselves

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