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We new to this someone help lol

I’m changing cases and there’s some cables that I have no clue where they go lol. Is a Asus TUF  GT 501 and my mother board is Asrock 570X pro 4 I had a case that I got from Powerspec which I didn’t like so I got myself this behemoth lol. There’s a few connectors that the old case didn’t have I’m going to put the pictures there so y’all can see. 


in the first pic where do the pins go top or bottom?


second pic is a cable that’s coming from the cables I connected in the back (Is in the video)


third pic is coming from the cooler master itself. 

In the video I have connected all the cables in the back but I don’t know if I got them right. I’m new to this and I don’t want to mess it up. Any help would be helpful thank you. 




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6 hours ago, Tech87 said:

Download a copy of your motherboard manual. It will show the pinouts +/-, and how they should be connected.

I did connect everything now when I booted on it shuts off then turns back on again and repeat. Any tips?

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I think you may have one of the connectors on wrong.

Did you download a copy of the mobo manual to confirm the connections?

PSU Tier List      AMD Motherboard Tier List      SSD Tier List

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