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Nvidia GeForce Experience breaks with MSI Afterburner (Laptop, GTX 1050 4GB)


Hello all,

I'm experiencing a very strange issue that I don't recall having in the past. I recently did a full format and refresh of Windows 10 when I installed a new M.2 NVMe hard drive that had some issues after I cloned it from my previous one. Pre-format I had both ThrottleStop and Afterburner set up and working great. I do not have any screencaps or recollection if this issue was happening prior to the format because I only noticed the change once I started using Gamestream (via Moonlight). For the record, ThrottleStop works great and UncleWebb has been a hero for helping me troubleshoot some issues with it specific to my hardware.


Now to the actual problem. Gamestream works great and all the features available to me in GeForce Experience are activated per screenshot below:



However, as soon as I install MSI Afterburner I lose access to almost all of the features available to me and it's almost as if my laptop acts as though my GTX 1050 no longer exists. The screenshot below shows what GeForce Experience shows after I've installed Afterburner:


I can provide more screenshots from anywhere else that may offer more insight but for now I'm just trying to figure out what is happening here, I currently have Afterburner uninstalled because of this issue but I am missing the performance improvements I was getting by using Afterburner to undervolt and slightly overclock.

I'm really hoping someone may have some insight into this issue and potential fixes. Ideally I would like to get Afterburner up and running again but if it means I will be losing access to Gamestream I will unfortunately have to suck it up. Gaming on my TV with my Chromecast with Google TV via Moonlight is just way too valuable to me at this point.



Edit to Add Hardware Specs:

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