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Name 10 ps3 ps4 hidden great game

32 minutes ago, buklu said:

Hurry time is money

Never heard of that game.

Hand, n. A singular instrument worn at the end of the human arm and commonly thrust into somebody’s pocket.

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  • The Last of Us
  • Uncharted 2
  • Gears of War
  • Crono Trigger
  • Pokemon Green
  • Fallout 2
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7 hours ago, emosun said:

this isnt buzzfeed

Thank goodness is not lol

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8 hours ago, buklu said:

Hurry time is money

Give me some minutes. I’m not good at thinking under pressure.

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You said Hidden games. So Im going to avoid popular ones.. 

- Okami HD

- 3D Dot heros

- Ratchet and clank a crack in time

- demon souls (yes this was hidden at the time)

- Valkyria Chronicles

- Modnation racers 

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Resogun - It was talked about some, but forgotten quickly despite how fun it is. It was a free PS+ game if I remember correctly. Great co-op as well. 

Tetris Effect - Same deal as Resogun, it's a beautiful game and I can't see myself going back to another version of Tetris. It just feels right all around.

LittleBigPlanet - It was popular, but has been forgotten about, especially since the 3 and 4 (It's not numbered as 4, it's "Sackboy's big adventure") deviated so much from what it was. I'd love to see a PS4/5 version of LB1/2/Karting (even though Karting wasn't very good). The old games are uniquely awesome, the only thing that holds them back is the PS3 hardware. It's one of the few things that make me turn my PS3 on for something that isn't a PS1/PS2 game.

WipeOut -  I love this game, it has one of the best soundtracks ever, the sense of speed is refreshing. 

MAG - I can't speak much to the actual design of this game as the servers have been offline for ages, but I have very fond memories of it. 256 player battles, 3 factions, and a lot of really cool tech lifted from the SOCOM series.

Ico HD - Technically a PS2 game, but I don't think it ever got the recognition it deserved, even when it was bundled with the PS3 port of Shadow of the Colossus. Beautiful puzzle game with an atmosphere you can only get from Team ICO games.


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Depends what you mean by hidden because there are certainly games that aren't well known in general but by the right crowd they are. Then there are games almost no one knows of. 


The Inpatient (PS VR)

Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed

Gal Gun Double Peace

Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls -Kind of a spin-off featuring some of the original characters and totally different style of game. I think this one was actually passed over by a lot of fans but that is a shame because it's actually a really great game.

Deadly Premonition Directors Cut

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Bonus: best hidden gem / only game worth playing on PS4 (imo!!!)  





KyoeiToshi ,  seriously the only game that somewhat redeemed having a PS4 to me, I'd give it a 8/10 because some things could have been better, but i played through this game  like  8 or 9 times and had a lot of fun, also with the weird choices they give you 


On 4/22/2021 at 4:45 AM, Michael Kelso said:

demon souls (yes this was hidden at the time)

not really ,it was pretty hyped up, everyone was talking about it "most difficult game ever"


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13 hours ago, Mark Kaine said:


Man I gotta play Drakengard 3. Bought the game and all its DLC a couple of years ago and still have it in the backlog. Loved Drakengard 1 despite the antiquated controls, though the bossfight for Ending E was a bastard.

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