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Hello I am having some issues I cant figure out聽whats wrong with my game every so often only mw 2019 cold war is fine my monitor either turns off or screen blacks out and I thought it was my HDMI cable and yea could it be dynamic res and making it where last night I so happen to be minimizing the game before a game starts and I had to alt tab and while that my monitor light that says on off or idel started flickering the light indactor but I got it back. if it was my card would be triggering in my other games and only other thing is is after I idiotically used a cheap 5$ pwn controller

What is that burnt componment and is it important since my pc runs fine otherwise.

Could it be dynamic res???

(FYI I can only get new 1150 boards with 2 ram slots so I will get that then get 2 16gb DDr3 ram 馃檪聽I have 4x8gb for photo and videos)

Ingame after a second its back to normal then later again but sometimes I never get it I will disable dynamic res and see.


What does that chip controle since that pwn header is basicly fried but rest of my pc is eh fine.



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it's a semi-conductor, it's used for voltage regulation, it's the cause of the problem. You're pci lanes are spiking in volts causes issues in your game. If you've got some soldering skills (even basic) it's not to hard to change. However it might happen again, since you don't know what cause it. I recommend not using your pc and just replacing the entire board before you get a "knock-on" effect. Killing other components.

Proud owner of a custom water cooled Ryzen 1400. 5800x聽聽

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Its prob pwm cotroler the capacotor is fine the marking is from the chip its not bulging but I will keep an eye on it.

As I said the rest of my games are fine.

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Ok I got a z97 P Asus On the way so hope it fixes it since I don't mind plunder and it probably killed my 6tb HDD the 5$ pwm crap.

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