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Need help with my msi rx 570

Ok, I bought an MSI RX 570 gaming x "4Gb" of eBay supposed to be brand-new out of the box in my new build also first build had an error 43 in the device manager I tried a lot of things that didn't work, and ended up flashing the bios because that was the last thing I couldd think of any way I flashed it to the bios for an MSI RX 570 gaming x "4Gb"because that's what I bought I bricked it but I nought a random rent you that I'ml returns to fix it I open up GPU z and under the lookup thing it brings me to the page and instead of it being an MSI RX 570 gaming x "4Gb" it's an 8GB so do I flash the bios to an 8 gig or? Also if I get it unbricked will it fix the error 43? Btw im using amdvbflash because the aitflash says there is a missing file when I open it in the admin yes before I flashed the RX 570 I had or I think I had all the drivers but for some reason even the rent GPU that is a and Radeon HD 5450 I open the software to install drivers and it says no GPU detected or something like that I have a new GPU on the way to replace the supposed an MSI RX 570 gaming x "4Gb"but I still want to fix it so I can sell it or something please help. Oh other PC specs ASRock b450 steel legend

Ryzen 5 2600 

Seagate 2TB hard drive

Critical 2x 8 gig ram in due channel

650 w gold + psu

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