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5600x Throttling after switching from auto OC to PBO

Hello all,

Normally when I'm playing games with my 5600x it hovers at around 4.55GHZ. The other day I tried switching from auto OC to PBO just to see what it did. Now no matter what I do the CPU doesn't get above 4.2 GHZ even after reverting back to original settings. Does anyone know why this may be and how to fix it?

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PBO using cores that the CPU tests automatically.
So its more selective.
However it relies on "proven frequencies and power states"
Auto Overclock will go over those "proven" states and try to tune it.

This is normal.
I set auto overclock and not PBO because AOC includes new PB states. 

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The thing is, switching back to auto OC it stays at lower frequencies which i dont understand

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Max the limits when you turn it back on.
They tend to lower after the PBO.
so - "Copy Current"
- then - > nix ram and voltage settings
- then - > Turn limits all the way up.
APPLY and reboot.

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