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New build crashing at benchmarks , tried some common/uncommon fixes out of my depth, please help!

Hi, so a little background my last build was about 10 or so years ago and I have been using the same pc till now. Specs being 

Asus strix gtx 970

Kingston valueram ddr3 8gigs

psu - Antec vp650w


That said I decided to pull the trigger and got myself a new pc without the gpu deciding to reuse my old trusty 970, times being what they are. Its booting up properly, but seems to crash at nearly every benchmark I try to do.


New specs are :
Ryzen 5 5600x
Asus tuf b550m plus

Antec HCG750 750w gold

Corsair CMK8GX4M1E3200C16 ddr4 8GBx2


It seems to crash at Heaven, Rdr2, Warhammer2 after asking around in discord chats i was told to do a test with Prime95 and Furmark with HWI monitoring the background, to which I was told that the cpu was running too hot. 


I managed to get my hands on a noctua NH-D15 cooler and that helped with the temps but the crashes still persisted, Then I was told that the gpu might be failing but after testing it on my old pc that seems to be doing fine as well. 


Its my first upgrade in the past 10 years and considering the gpu prices and other component prices its really hard for me to get anywhere. I am also in a location where the closest pc tech shop is around 150km away. 


I've attached the logs of the tests I've done with HWi if anyone can decipher them/find them useful. Truth be told I'm out of my depth if there's an issue with the new parts I'd at least like to return them before the return period expires, but the inability

to find a gpu makes it hard and considering everything else has been running its a bit hard for me to diagnose which component is causing the issues. 

Edit: Forgot to add that the new build is on a fresh windows install, and after having the crashes i've uninstalled the drivers using ddu and reinstalled them as well as reinstalled windows a couple of times and the issue still persists. 



Log_1.CSV Heaven.CSV Log_2.CSV rdr2.CSV Warhammer_2.CSV

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