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Aurora R12 Desktop 11th Gen(R) Core (TM) i9-11900F @2.50 GHz up to 5.3 32 Gigs Ram GPU stays at 40% Cpu stays at 45 - 60% usage on game called "Rust".

Everyone says the reason I'm not getting those high frame rates in 100's consistently is because I'm using a 144hz monitor that doesn't offer 1440p.  I went ahead and purchased a new monitor that I'm currently waiting for because I need to upgrade anyway, but could this be true. I mean I've benchmarked the PC on timespy and inuegen and it says I'm goin get all these incredible frames for the cookie cutter games that noone cares about, CS GO, Red Dead, Apex. What % does your CPU have to be running at compared to you GPU for it to be bottle necking. Honestly I spent a chunk on this pre built and had I known that it was going to be this I would have just kept my overclocked GTX 1070 HP OMEN i7-8700... 32 gigs... I mean literally it's like the quiet one at a party that's a little smaller but will still knock your ass out. It runs at 65-90 FPS on Rust.  Like wtf. 

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