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Fan cable management

I recently bought a fan hub for my pc as i wanted all my fans to get enough power which a splitter didn't offer. But while installing it i really struggled to make it look good but i ended up finding something that looked ok by shoving the hub under my hdd which is on the back of the case and zip tieing the fan wires on the front of the case. Is there any good tutorial for managing fans (i have 6) that I could use to maybe use to improve this. Id rather it was more clean if possible. Thanks. If you're wondering. I have a cit blaze

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a video is kind of a hard thing to put together. there is just many variables like cable length, fans hubs, fan splitter, motherboard size, motherboard lay out, case size, case lay out, areas of cluster cables, .... i thing you get the point. not to mention these get compounded with rgb cables.

but here are some tips.

  • don't get overly excited with routing you main components wiring first. aka 24 pin, gpu, eps, and hdd/sdd power cables. these larger cables can camouflage alot of the smaller cables running around and also hold them in place. so the tip is run and route your smaller cables first
  •     fan orientation will help. think about were the fan cable is coming off the fan and weather or not you want to have multiple fan wires using the same hole to pass through or not. this can make the or break the difference of having an inch or two more cable to work with or less to work with. also makes the difference on how this look.
  • routing long runs fan extension might just be what you need to achieve the results you want
  • a good generic fun hub placement area i found that works with many case is the top front. this is an easy area for most front and top fans to reach. 
  • motherboard that have fan headers in weird locations like center rear. you can use the motherboards heatsinks usually to router cables underneath them.

i probably have some more tips

but would need to see your current setup and need to know what you are build in.

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Jayztwocents Video (he used alot of rgb fans: 

(An older one:  


Bitwits vid: 

jay really goes in depth in the first one so you would probably want to look at that first


Ping me or quote me in replys ples. Anyone talking about AiOs and trashing people for a front mount watch THIS JAYZTWOCENTS VID because u 99.9% skipped or didnt understand the Gamers Nexus vid...












Also pineapple doesnt go on pizza


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Zip ties and child-like fingers are a huge help. I have zip ties!

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