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Looking for a 4K HDR monitor.

Max budget: $600 (can't really go higher)


Preferred brand: ASUS.

Brands I'd need not: Philips because I've heard they have lots of dead pixel problems; and AOC, as I've had an AOC monitor before and it was god awful.


Panel Size Min: 27 inches

Panel Size Max: 28 inches

Resolution: 3840x2160.

Refresh Rate: I don't care about it (a minimum of 60 ofc but if higher I don't mind).

Response Time: Max 5ms acceptable (gray2gray or idk, just make sure no ghosting occurs).

Input Lag: I'm not sure how this is measured but I need something with very low input latency so I can enjoy and take full advantage of fast paced games.

HDR: Yes.

DP: 1 - so I can hook it up to my PC

HDMI: 1 - so I can hook it up to my console and with a DP port I could use PC and console simultaneously, I'd just have to switch inputs.

USB: I don't mind.

Panel type: IPS

Curved Panel: No, I hate it.

Adjustable height: Yes

Rotatable display: Preferably no, but I don't mind


Built-in Speakers: I don't mind but it'd be cool because I'd hate to plug my PC speakers into the monitor itself for when I'm playing consoles


Obviously I know how to search monitors with these given conditions and I did it already, but I haven't really been able to find anything great aside from this one:

ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q1A - is this any good?


Thanks for reading!

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Any reason for 4k at that panel size? It's pretty much useless as the panel isn't big enough that there is a discernible difference between 1440p and 2160p when sitting at a normal distance.


Plenty of 1440p options that are better in your price bracket and cheaper whilst not being worse at all. The tuf is ok at best not great colours kinda suck on it from what I see

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