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I came into possession of an IBM Thinkpad 770 (no letter) 9548-40U several years ago and recently I finally got around to looking at it. After replacing the MOBO battery, it fired up just fine and has MS-DOS on it. It's very cool to have, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can actually use it for? I've been looking at Linux a bit, but it seems like I can't boot from a USB to install it (even if I had the RAM to do so; it only has 32MB, but with room for expansion). Are there any cool projects I could do with it, besides finding a Windows 95 floppy and installing it? Thanks in advance!


P.S. If this is the wrong sub-forum for this please let me know


The Thinkpad comes with:

Intel Pentium 200MHz Processor with MMX

USRobotics 56k PC Card Modem

3Com EtherLink III LAN PC Card

1.44 MB Floppy Drive


3.2GB Hard Drive (currently empty besides MS-DOS stuff)

MS-DOS Installed

1x USB Port

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