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Do I need to Install Chipset Drivers for Z590 board

As title said. Back then when I was using Z77, Windows 7. I didn't bother with all these things. 
I actually just use the DVD that came with the Mobo and install the Drivers via the DVD and done with it. 
May even be completely outdated. 

Then I built a AMD system 4 Years back, AMD is kinda simple for their Chipset Driver. 
Just head to their site, there's only 1 file to download and install and done. 

Now I be building a new Intel system soon with Z590 board. 
I check ASUS site, there are ton of different Chipset drivers....which should I install ? 
Biggest question is, do I even need to install the Chipset driver for Intel ?? Also I wanna mention I'm using a 10900K on the Z590 Mobo though not 11th Gen. 

Why I'm using 10th instead of 11th on a Z590, long story....I don't wanna get into it. 

Lastly, should I even bother updating the BIOS as well ? On the page description it seems like all the new BIOS update it seems to be related to 11th Gen. 

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i would say yes, check which version of drivers is stable on google tho.

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This is what I'm confused about, there are two different things on the Chipset section at ASUS's site for the Maximus XIII board. 

1) The Intel® Management Engine

This seems to be some sort of security thing ? I think as a home use, personal PC this isn't important ? 

2)Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility Version 10.1.18634.8254

This one I only able to find it at ASUS own site, but on Intel on their Z590 Chipset section it's empty, Intel's own page only have the driver for the iGPU 

There is one for their Z300 series. But now we think of it's isn't the Z390 all the way to Z590 the same thing ? I mean PCIE 4.0 is supported by the CPU not the Chipset unlike AMD's X570. 

EDIT : O found more info, yeah I think the one I found on Intel site is the latest. 
This site here is more clear about it. 

This one is from Intel's own site. But it's not under Z590 Chipset...it's under Z300 series...weird...
But it is the latest. I think this is the Chipset driver ?? 


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