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2nd Generation Threadripper 2950x/Intel i7-9700k Combination Workstation and Nas Build. One Case to hold it all....

Budget (including currency): 

Country: USA

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Work-station and Creation-station. Mainly video content and 3d animation modeling in mind, with gaming a strong 3rd in priority. 

Other details  Updating existing build, with a twist. 


Alright guys here's the dirty rub.


lol. No really here it is.


I need some help, planning out something a little strange...


Im looking to do a two in one Workstation and Nas build around the design of the Thermaltake Core P90 case. Im looking to put a second mother board, power supply, Gpu etc, Within the same case. I could go buy another case and and build a completely separate Nas system from my current build and that's fine ( also the next step if this doesn't work out) but just not as fun as the direction I'm looking towards. What I'm lacking is experience in fabrication case MoDs and looking for set-up and execution suggestions on the idea =) . 


Current Systems: 


AMD Threadripper 2950x


Asus 399- E strix mother board


Corsair 128gb 2667mz ram


2x Nividia 2070 supers 8gb


2x AMD Asus 580x 8gb

      ( Only one in use second is spare )


1200 watt Thermaltake Psu

        (Well Currently 1000watt, installing 1200 watt with project update)


Aio Corsair Hydro Series H100i V2 ( Four fan setup )




12 Tb of Segate HDD Storage ( 2Tb x 6) 7200rpm


Nas Build Combination Add on System:


Intel I7-9700k (spare)


Asus ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E mother board (new)


corsair 32gb 2667mz ram

           ( over kill, just have two 16gb sticks spare)


Gpu Amd Asus 580x 8gb

           ( or possible pull 2070 super for better digital encoder use, need input on this please )


700 watt Thermaltake psu ( spare )


Aio Corsair Hydro Series H100i V2 ( spare ) 


samsung 970 1tb ssd ( spare )


4 x WD Black 4tb 7200rpm ( new )


2 x WD Black 6tb 7200rpm ( new )



Please!!! Thoughts, Comments, Structure suability concerns and ideas on this is welcomed  =) 





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11 minutes ago, Frankly_Imaginary said:

Im looking to do a two in one Workstation and Nas build around the design of the Thermaltake Core P90 case.

Im more into another case like Obsidian 1000D that has 2 board mounts (one on the side, one atop of the PSU shroud capable of mitx board) out of the box. Or use your threadripper and make 2 VMs, one for your NAS one for your workstation, which i dont recommend personally as NAS should never be in the same box as your workstation as a VM, because in the event of a PSU failure, your workstation and its backup will go down in magic smoke at the same time.

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