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PSU at the top. What about them?

Not so long ago there cases that put the PSU at the top instead of the bottom. Why and why was it phased out?

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Those werent phased out. It is still used in many cases out there. There is nothing wrong with them.

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PSU at the bottom typically results in a better layout for airflow and more options for things like AIOs in the top and clearance for big air coolers etc. Plus the trend now of having a fully or partially separate compartment for the PSU for both airflow and aesthetic reasons. 


They're not completely gone, there's plenty of OEM and cheaper systems that still use the PSU at top layout but for higher end gaming/workstation use, PSU or the bottom is the most common for the reasons above. 

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They still exist, it's just more common to see them located in the bottom of cases these days. It's due to a combination of things, such as design, cable management, etc.

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