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USB 3.0 / 3.1 PCI-e Expansion - This shouldn't be hard!?

Hi Hive Mind...


I'm trying to expand the number of high-speed USB ports in my desktop. This should be easy. I have plenty of available PCI-E slots, loads of unusued PCI lanes.. I have the internet and a credit card... but no, it is not to be!


I've got a lot of peripherals and cables that I'd like to have plugged in at the same time for convenience. I don't use it all at the same time, that's not the problem. 

Yes I have hubs - powered and un-powered, and they're ok but somehow just don't seem to always be reliable. They're also adding to the cable mess that I'm trying to reduce.

Adding one or two PCI-e cards with extra ports is clearly the best solution...


So far I've bought, tried and returned 2 cards that look like exactly what I want...


This one:



Not keen on the colour, but I liked the port selection and specs, seemed like a decent brand if such a thing exists in this space, good reviews...

But.. My PC simply would not boot with this installed. Constant boot loop with BIOS error codes. No Display out, no BIOS access.


So then I tried this one:



This actually looked even better - more ports overall, better colour, but essentially unbranded so who knows...

This one actually worked, and worked well for the brief time I used it. However the card was somehow manufactured badly. In order to have it sit in the PCI-e socket, I couldn't secure a screw in the slot cover as it came away at such an angle. This is clearly dangerous and not something I am prepared to put up with. If I instead moved it to be able to screw in the slot, it then mostly popped out of the PCI-e slot. Maybe just a bad example and if I ordered another it would be ok? But I'm not keen on trying it and finding out.


I've spent what feels like forever trying to find something that looks more likely to work for a reasonable price, but have drawn a blank. I'd have thought this would have been a very popular add-on!?


So what do you guys have, any good cards that you'd reccomend?





Ryzen 3950x, planning on getting the 5950x when I can actually get one

MSI MEG X570 Godlike Motherboard

32GB Corsair DDR4 3600Mhz

MSI 2080TI Seahawk EK

Not enough USB Ports!!!



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Delock have some nice offerings including some of the few that provide full bandwidth on all ports simultaneously, power delivery etc and are usually good:


Desktop: i7-5960X 4.4GHz, Noctua NH-D14, ASUS Rampage V, 32GB, RTX3080, 2TB NVMe SSD, 2x16TB HDD RAID0, Corsair HX1200, Thermaltake Overseer RX1, Samsung 4K curved 49" TV, 23" secondary

Mobile SFF rig: i9-9900K, Noctua NH-L9i, Asrock Z390 Phantom ITX-AC, 32GB, GTX1070, 2x1TB NVMe SSD RAID0, 2x5TB 2.5" HDD RAID0, Athena 500W Flex (Noctua fan), Custom 4.7l 3D printed case


Dell XPS 2 in 1 2019, 32GB, 1TB, 4K


GPD Win 2

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Thanks Kilrah - they do look quite good. Can't seem to find any in the UK though unfortunately - one EU stockist that might be an option but they only stock one model.

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