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Low LOD/Draw Distance in every game I play

I built this computer in December because I had the same problem with my old PC and was unable to fix it. In every single game draw distance is terrible, Clutter and textures pop in like crazy, foliage wont fully render until very close, and I have never encountered a fix. I don't have the time or money to build another PC and have the same thing possibly happen again. On my old PC I switched out every single component and the problem persisted. I have a suspicion it's an issue with Windows OS but I have reinstalled, rolled back updates, defragged and nothing has worked. i'm desperate and figured this was the best place to ask for help. If anyone has any insight or has encountered this problem or, by soem miracle, knows of a fix I'd be forever grateful for the help.



Ryzen 5800x

TUF x570 Pro wifi MOBO (AM4)

Ballistix 32 gb Ram



Thanks Again



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1 hour ago, Aree Soothsayer said:

Sounds like load time. What's the drive you have your games stored on?

It happens on both my 970 evo and 2 tb sea gate barricuda 

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