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Replacing my 10 year old macbook



Im considering buying a new laptop (mac or PC) after my laptop just decided to stop working, I honestly dont know which brand is best and would appreciate your help.


There is no way im going back to Apple as I refuse to buy a laptop that doesnt have regular USB and requires me to buy dongles to use my laptop normally.


My requirements are pretty simple


Good monitor (screen) preferably 1440P not 4K preferably 15 inch

Good battery life 

Great Mouse tracking thingy (for me apples is the best sadly)

Good Keyboard.

A good CPU (non of those energy saving ones) and 16GB Ram or more.

1TB M.2 Storage 

Regarding GPU I would prefer having a dedicated one but not a must as the integrated one is fine.


Regarding budget I will buy whats best for my usage even if it costs more than its worth so lets say open budget is fine


Kind regards

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The MAC I have currently is the 2012 model which had USBs and an HDMI Port and honestly loved it so Im basically looking for something similar in quality that would work for another 5 years plus

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7 minutes ago, Camelsmaycry said:

Great Mouse tracking thingy (for me apples is the best sadly)

Then anything with Windows Precision Driver shall go. Asus Vivobook and Zenbook series all uses it afaik, so have a look at them.

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