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Dips in frame rate but only in call of duty cold war

I am experiencing sudden frame drops in only call of duty cold war. I play modern warfare and similar games at the same 1440p 144fps high settings with no trouble. cold war will be running 144fps and then suddenly dip to as low as 60fps and I don't know why. 

I am running a zotac 3070, ryzen 7 3800x with 16gb ddr4 3200 ram. all drivers and bios are up to date.

any ideas are worth a try.

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Maybe due to windows background processes


If my answer is correct or is helpful please mark it as the solution. Quote me in your post to summon me. Beware that after summoning me i'll only leave the thread after finding the answer. I'm a programmer and cyber security expert so I can also be summoned to help in any Coding Projects and to help if you're hacked .

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May just be a game update not liking your hardware. Are your drivers up to date?

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