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Fractal Design Flex B-20 riser — temps behind the GPU?

As an owner of a FD Define 7 Compact, I’m curious about the Fractal Design B-20 GPU riser.  My processor is an i9-10900KF, so PCIe 4 is not an issue either way.


What confuses me is the cooling of the back of the card and the motherboard area covered by the card.  If the design of the riser pushes the GPU away from the side panel, it means the GPU is closer to the motherboard.  Would that mean inferior cooling to the back of the GPU and to anything on the motherboard behind the card, such as m.2 drives? Looks like there are maybe 2.5” of room between the back of the GPU and the motherboard.  I don’t actually know the distance, just guesstimating from product photos.



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