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Windows 10 Settings Activation and Windows Update page keeps loading

I tried to install Microsoft office 2019 Pro Plus in my laptop and it did but, when I tried to activate it it through Microsoft Toolkit from Downloadly, the Office did not activate, soon I tried kms auto. But instead, it deactivated my Windows 10 Pro x64. And then, I cannot activate windows with kms and also the Windows Update and Activation page in Windows Update category in Settings was not opening. It was just loading. Also, I tried clicking the message appeared below settings "Windows isn't activated..... Activate Now" but, that just struck Settings app. I also noted some cmd windows poping up while after the startup at the desktop. How do I solve this issue?

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I forgot to write a point
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Thread locked. We do not allow discussion on how to commit illegal activities, such as software piracy.


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