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Anyone else have problems with their Windows 10 documents folder and One Drive?

I'm having a problem with One Drive. It's syncing my the documents folders in my two PC's. Both are Windows 10, and they have similar programs installed-programs that use the documents folder for app info. I've tried to uncheck the documents folder from One Drive's "select which folders to sync" settings. It gave me this message. Is it possible to point windows back to the C/users/zachary/documents folder without my apps freaking out? Will the OS manage that, or am I screwed?


I'm pretty sure that One Drive actually switched the Windows documents folder to the one it created in the One Drive folder at some point. I never told it to move it. smh


Screenshot 2021-04-12 230041.jpg

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onedrive is fucking awful, especially the first time you set it up. i still dont understand how to use it properly.

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I'm going to restore the OS default for the documents folder. We'll see if I have any problems with this I guess. It's just super annoying that Microsoft told One Drive to do this. They obviously need you to fill up your cloud storage, so you'll think about buying more. I'm prepared to just reinstall my apps that freak out on me.

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-> Moved to Windows

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