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How to optimize my Photoshop to my system?

So I am currently working on a project on my new PC, an a3 size (4961 x 3508px at 300ppi). I'm not really familiar in what to tweak in order to optimize my Photoshop since moving layers, sometimes just text, zooming in, and resizing is a bit laggy. For now, I have increase the ram allowed to be used by PS to 70% (20gb-ish), increase the cache levels to 8, and enabled native GPU acceleration. It is still somehow a bit laggy, a little bit better then before I changed the settings, but still laggy.

My system spec is: ryzen 5800x + 32gb 3600mhz ram + rtx 3070. The scratch files is an NVMe drive 970 evo plus, and the save files for all the files for this project is in an SSD wd green.


So yea, for my system I am a bit confused why it is a bit laggy. My version of photoshop is the 2021 version.


Thank you 😄

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