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PC build feed-back needed (game/ workstation-pc)

Hey guy's!


This summer I'm graduating from university college and want to buy a new pc. I know not enough about computers that I can compose one myself.

So I'm comming to you guy's for help! I put together a pc in pcpartpicker, I think this is a good start but maybe it can be better? what do you think?


Budget (including currency): €1700-1800


Country:  Belgium


Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for:

I want to play some games but it doesn't need to be ultra settings and 120 fps, I am a casual gamer!

I do some music production so I want my latency as little as possible.

Conclusion: I want it to be a hybrid pc: game/ workstation-pc  



I picked a 600W PCU, isn't it to much?


Thanks for helping!!




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Recommend a diff case and a better MOBO. (B550 for general upgradibilty) 

I would get a different ssd.

Some other minor things but overall looks good 🙂


I am a human that makes mistakes! If I'm wrong please correct me and tell me where I made the mistake. I try my best to be helpful.

System Specs

<Ryzen 5 3600 3.5-4.2Ghz> <EVGA GTX 770 2GB> <16gb 3200Mhz> <DarkFlash DLM21 Mesh> <650w Corsair RMx 2018 80+ Gold> <Samsung 970 EVO 500gb NVMe>  <MSI MAG b550m Mortar> <Noctua P12 case fans>


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