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NZXT H210 I5 10600K 6700XT BUILD

I was wondering if anyone have built in a mini itx H210, and achieved some good results in temps? 

Havent had time yet to explore so much, ive been at warzone a couple of games, i think gpu was in average 63C, i saw it a couple of times hitting 68C, but rarely, its a sapphire nitro 6700XT, it was a hell to get it to fit in with aio radiator in front, even had the fans in the front, and i even have a ATX supply under the gpu.

CPU is around 55C almost at all times in warzone.

I Mean it cant be bad for a mini itx build?


Had it in my living room, and our heatsystem blows out 22C in the room, så its not too hot here in the room either.

i can for sure write down my whole build if any of you want.





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