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Replacaing keycaps from Surface Book 1 to Surface Book 2 15" good idea ?


I currently have a Surface Book 1 and want to change for another convertible, I found this used Surface book 2 (i7,16Go, 512Go,1060) for 1200€ (I haven't bought it yet) but it has key flaw (no pun intended) it has a QWERTZ keyboard and as a proud froggy I can't go without my AZERTY. So I thought of this brillant plan to take soome of the keycaps out of my current laptop and put them in the "new" one. Would this work ? I can't seem to find any surface book keycaps online so want is the chance of me breaking things ?

Thank you all in advance for you responses.

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You will pretty much guaranteed ruin both keyboards. So don't. These things are EXTREMELY fragile really just do NOT do this you will break em.

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