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Frame drops in most games

(reposting here because this actually belongs in troubleshooting) I already posted earlier about this, but I've been searching for something to help with this and nothing is helpful. Ever since I got my new computer, I've had frame drops in every game and every game I play seems to be running slower except roblox, even though my new computer has significantly better specs than my old one. I'm assuming it might have something to do with my CPU usage, since whenever I get a frame drop, my CPU usage goes up.

CPU: i5-10400F


RAM: 12GB(8GB+4GB)

PSU: 380W

I have a prebuilt and I've not replaced the stock coolers.

My CPU temp never exceeds around 65c while I'm gaming, so I don't think it's throttling. I've tried a lot of settings tweaking things in the Nvidia control panel and in the games' settings, and nothing has even remotely helped.

I have absolutely no clue why I'm having this issue, and just like I said, nothing I've googled has helped me at all.

It's not temperature, I know that, my GPU wont go above 70c and my CPU wont go above 65c, and every time I google or try to troubleshoot things with frame drops, it always says shit about thermal throttling, which I'm not getting. I've also looked at core unparking, but from what I've read, intel CPUs don't even have core parking??? I also tried to look into the GPU, since my old system had an iGPU and this one has a dedicated one. I've not found anything about that causing frame drops. It's a prebuilt from Lenovo, so I've also seen things about lenovo bloatware, but it doesn't run in the background so I don't think it should cause frame drops. And my CPU or RAM usage isn't particularly high while I'm gaming, and my CPU usage is almost 0 when I'm not gaming.

And yes, I have installed the newest drivers.

The best part is that it only happens on most games, things like roblox run perfectly fine with no drops at all.


I have no goddamn clue what's going on with this thing and I'm really frustrated so any help would be appreciated, please tell me if you need any other information from me.

Thank you in advance.

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