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No post and only bottom three debugger light flash fast once

Ok guys I'm just losing it. My first system I built got hit by a power surge like four times real fast, and no, no surge protector. Ok so when I turned it on nothing happened except for the boot lights the bottom three litup. So I was upset and said screw it a got a new mobo,psu,And new cpu
Hook all of it up. Did the exact same thing. So I let an I.T. guy take it and he couldn't figure it out but he said he think it's prolly the mobo. So I bought new mobo and new ram. So everything is new except the gpu and ssd. And guess what. It did the same thing. So I took the new cpu out and put the old apu in and took gpu off. Same thing. I'm goin nuts. I just don't get it



Set up 1.
Ryzen 5 2400g
Kingston 240gb ssd
Patriot Viper 3200 ram
MSI Radeon RX570 Armor MK 2 8G OC
EVGA 500w 80plus

Set up 2
Ryzen 7 2700X
B450 Tomahawk max 2
Kingston 240gb ssd
Patriot viper 3200 ram
MSI radeon rx 570
OSL 750w psu

Last set up

Ryzen 2700
MSI gaming plus max
Kingston 240gb ssd
Gskill ripjaw ddr4 3200 8Gx2
MSI radeon rx 570
OSL 750w

Then I tried taking the gpu off and putting my apu in still the same. The bottom three debugger lights flash and that's it. Manual didn't say anything

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