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Second NVMe SSD Storage

Hey guy's


A few months ago i replaced my NVMe SSD (250Gb standard in PC) to a Samsung Evo 500Gb NVMe for more storage.

The motherboard has two NVMe slots, I made an image from the old SSD (slot 1) end copied to my new Samsung SSD (slot 2).

Then i replaced te "old" SSD in slot 1 with the new Samsung SSD, booted-up and it worked!

Now I still have my previous SSD in a box and I want to put it back in for more storage, but I never erased anything form this SSD, it stil has the C-drive and what not.

Now comes my question, is it possible to put my old SSD in slot 2 delete everything on it so it becomes a second storage?


Thank you for helping me!

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Yes, you can.You only need to put the old ssd and erase / format with a disk management tool program within your OS.Both Windows and Linux have one native program that you can use to do what you want.

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