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Would a ThunderboltEX 3-TR card on a B550-e motherboard works with a thunderbolt 2 adapter?

First of all, sorry if I'm not in the right place, as this is an oddly specific question.


I don't expect anybody to have an answer for me, as it's a very specific use case. I've got a B550-e motherboard from asus. I know it works with the ThunderboltEX 3-TR card. I've got multiple thunderbolt 2 devices, and I know adapters exist, as I have 2 of them for my mac.

I'm just wondering if I can daisy chain thunderbolt 2 devices into a thunderbolt 3 port with the correct adapter, or if it won't work because of thunderbolt sucking on PC? Also heard that the apple adapter might not work, and that I should use the startech one instead.


I can't any answer online, other than that the thunderbolt card works fine with my motherboard from an amazon review. Seems like I'm the first one who wants to do that lol.

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