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3 years ago this video: https://youtu.be/nJ4ea5NNqcg went up on the LTT channel, it was about a (then) small crypto currency Burst which is mineable with acces harddrive space. Instead of continius hashing like SHA it uses your harddrive (or ssd) to read pre done hashes. This makes it really efficient and transaction costs really low.


On april 24th there is a update of the blockchain planned, this will improve the network a lot and make it ready for real use and a lot of troughput. With this announcement the populairity started rising again and a lot of people started mining again.


I would really reccomend doing this with acces harddrive space since it is a lot of fun learing about this stuf. I had around 6tb of free space on my nas and I'am using it to mine as we speak. 


Hope to se an LTT video about it again.


(I'am not a financial adviser or anything, so I don't know about recommending to buy it. Just sharing the cool idea behind the cypto)

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