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Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

I thought of a better way to use that monster 500W Peltier cooler in a liquid cooling loop. Put a CPU water block on either side, then run the pipes so that the peltier chills the water going to the CPU and the hot side of the peltier is cooled by the water coming out of the CPU. This creates a zone of cold water for the CPU and conveniently deals with the hot side of the peltier with the existing radiator. You might need to use a 480mm radiator for this, but it should give you way better temps than trying to use the peltier directly on the CPU.

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How about a video tearing down PSUs and explaining the pros and cons of expensive vs cheap PSUs and exactly why you don't want to skimp on a PSU. 


Maybe talk about the 80 plus ratings and how they affect things.


A lot of new builders struggle with understanding 80 plus, and I admit I'm not fully fluent in it. Also maybe a real analysis on what wattage you truly need depending on usage. Lots of new builders sometimes go too high with wattage because they think that's what they need. It's sometimes hard explaining why they don't need as high of wattage.


Maybe talk about offbrand PSUs and the kind you buy on those Chinese sites.


I think this might be entertaining and informative because Linus and the boys don't regularly talk about PSUs and I think it's an area where we need more education, and teardown videos usually get respectable views.

Photographer, future counselor, computer teacher.

3600X and RTX 2070 with too many storage drives to count. 

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Hey linus 


can you make a video for budget pc with minumum requirements of  intel i7, intel ssd  and 16GB of RAM

Under $800 (USD)

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Build a PC in the Velka 3. It's ridiculously small. 3.7L; even smaller than the 5L build you did some time ago. It can fit dual-slot graphics cards.

A build that's fully compatible with the Velka 3:


Main PC:  MacBook Air (M1, 2020), 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage. Running macOS, maybe Solus if it gets ported

Workstation: Ryzen 5 1500X, 16GB DDR4-2400, ASRock B450 Gaming-ITX/AC, Optane 800P 58GB, Patriot Burst 240GB, Toshiba Q300 240GB, SAPPHIRE Pulse RX 570 4GB, beQuiet! SFX Power 2 400W, Silverstone ML08-B. Running Solus Linux and Windows 10

Leafeon is the most underrated eeveelution; change my mind.


OK, i'm not even gonna build this, but is this a good workstation?

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU: AMD Athlon X4 860K 3.7GHz Quad-Core Processor  ($72.99 @ Amazon) 
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i 77.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler  ($168.99 @ Amazon) 
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H Micro ATX FM2+ Motherboard  ($62.99 @ NCIX US) 
Memory: Samsung 32GB (1 x 32GB) DDR3-1866 Memory  ($256.99 @ SuperBiiz) 
Storage: Hitachi Ultrastar He8 8TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive  ($479.99 @ Amazon) 
Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB SuperSC ACX 2.0+ Video Card  ($179.99 @ NCIX US) 
Case: Lian-Li PC-V2130WX ATX Full Tower Case  ($499.99 @ Newegg) 
Power Supply: EVGA 430W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply  ($23.98 @ Newegg) 
Total: $1745.91
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
Generated by PCPartPicker 2016-02-09 12:48 EST-0500


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Review gaming motherboards made by an enterprise hardware ODM:




Supermicro is basically the #1 manufacturer of server equipment in terms of quality. It would be interesting to see their gaming lineup reviewed, even if it lacks ECC.


They seem to have given up because nobody in their target market seems to have noticed. The most recent motherboard that they made was for the 8th generation:




It still would be nice to see a review, if only because of how unusual it was for them to make these.

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Can you make a pc that can successfully run the following:

Detonating a minecraft world made entirely of TNT.

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The CLEANEST build ever.


CPU with a fanless heatsink 


GTX 1650 for the GPU


Fully modular PSU


Just the 24 pin mobo and EPS connectors will be plugged in


All housed in a Mini ITX case for maximum stealth


WIreless Keyboard and Mouse too to just really add to the whole experience


For extra brownie points you could probably power this whole thing with a solar panel hooked up to a UPS.



Also I want a supercut of Linus dropping/breaking things as the component cost just racks up on the side.



乇乂丅尺卂 丅卄工匚匚

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8k on a raspberry pi. the pi4 can do 2 4k@30htz so is theoreticly possible right?

I live in misery USA. my timezone is central daylight time which is either UTC -5 or -4 because the government hates everyone.

into trains? here's the model railroad thread!

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What about lancachenet/monolithic on Openmediavault. The old steam cache method got updated to lancachenet and older versions are not supported anymore. Also I currently have a nas setup using OMV. For the last 5/6 days i have been wasting a lot of time trying to setup lancachenet on OMV but there is simply no tutorial on setting up steam cache using lancachenet on OMV. So this will be of great help to me and all those who have OMV but cant setup steamcache.

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OLED TVs are starting to become much more affordable in the $1000 - $1600 USD price range. I think it's time for an updated review of the best ones, what's available, etc.


LG C9 55" under $2000 (2019 model)


LG B8 55" under $1200 (2018 model)


These are great options.

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I have a small complaint about a recent decision to change the format of your videos.

LTT videos are fun, often silly, and generally interesting. They follow a format where we get a little intro, then there's the sponsor bit, then the jingle and logo, then the main content of the video and at the outro there's the sponsor recap and whatever other "housekeeping" needs to happen.

Lately, every video has a very jarring bit, 5-10 seconds, to insert a plug for the LTT store merch . . . and it's really annoying. It doesn't fit the formula and kills the pace of the video. It's also much less predictable and more annoying to skip than the other parts.

Please stop doing it. Just don't. It's so annoying. 

Related, I saw the animated finger click a "subscribe" bell. Whenever I try a new channel and they do that stuff, I block the channel. Please don't be like those channels. 

LTT has done a nice job over the years of encouraging engagement without being annoying. Please don't follow the trends. Keep doing what you've been doing.

That's all. Thanks!

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On 3/21/2019 at 1:16 AM, CPotter said:

Hit us with your best Linus Tech Tips video suggestions! This is to replace our old "What should we review next" thread. Linus or one of the writers will read these suggestions, but they may not reply to you in this thread directly.


Linus Tech Tips

What if Linus was to build the ultimate PC with a very low budget and get it to run AAA games. The challange could include a low budget like $400-$600.

He could be asked to do it as a competition with one other staff member. 

Let's see what Linus can make if he is on a low budget!

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Would you make a video explaining why none of AMD’s AIB partners have used their semi-custom silicon business to get better GPUs?




They have all of these pseudo brands like gaming X or ROG, but they never do the one thing that would make them mean something by getting custom GPUs for them. It would be more risk, but they could for example get custom Navi GPUs that have more than twice the compute power at costs that are presumably just royalties and fabrication costs.


Maybe the ones doing both nvidia and AMD cards would not do that for fear of retaliation from Nvidia, but I do not see what AMD only brands like XFX stand to lose by doing it.


Driver support does not seem particularly difficult given that AMD seems to provide their semi-custom silicon customers with the sources for their drivers. Intel seems to be doing driver releases based on them:




I imagine that that you guys would be in a position to talk to XFX and others to find out why they did not go this route. Is it just that they did not think about it?

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42 minutes ago, Gop said:

I just want someone to connect a huge car radiator to a computer.

IIRC, they did this in a Scrapyard Wars already

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Are you guys going to review the Corsair's Virtuoso RGB SE headset? Perhaps pitted against the Sennheiser PC37X which I've heard are a great pair of cans for the cost? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on their "Broadcast Quality" claims for the built in mic. At ~$200 if the quality is good, it could be a great value for someone trying to get into streaming on a budget.

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How about a comparison of various RGB environments and how usable one is versus the other, including 3rd party compatibility not just with direct components, but with adapters as well (like those PCIe RGB expansion hubs or that one SATA-powered Thermaltake unit)?

What is a mad scientist but a wizard who writes things down?

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what about some software tools for developers? since luke and the floatplane people sure have some for their work it could be nice to maybe include them inside the clips?


and what about linus new daily driver? he mentioned he is not keeping it?


maybe some soldering tips from jake?

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I've been watching Linus' stuff for quite some time, and I've been having a good time doing so! Many of the videos, even the newer ones, start up with something being janked out of its packaging (unboxed) before it is reviewed. Usually the packaging material is just thrown over either shoulder and left on the ground for someone to dispose off, but.. The packaging may be scrap for someone, gold for someone else and considering the time we all live in - with climate changes, environmental consirns and so on - I would really be interrested in how LMG (properly) disposes of their waste. Or at least, how to properly dispose of the waste that comes from a computer build, a new TV or what not. A video like that may be educational for many ppl who normally wouldn't care and it may help ppl, who watches the LTT stuff, dispose their waste the right way and this would be beneficial for everyone. Thanks in advance! ?

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On 3/20/2019 at 5:16 PM, CPotter said:

Hit us with your best Linus Tech Tips video suggestions! This is to replace our old "What should we review next" thread. Linus or one of the writers will read these suggestions, but they may not reply to you in this thread directly.


Linus Tech Tips

Scrapyard Wars with amateurs. Only coaching and build research is allowed.?

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