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Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

"True" direct die cooling. 

Now that you guys have the manufacturing capabilities to do this, how about a waterblock that seals against the substrate with an o-ring and mounting pressure, and runs water directly over the die. 

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I have recently come accross a budget alternative for Logitech MX premium line up that is Dell km7120w.


But this is very less reviewed keyboard and mouse


I am looking for multi device connectivity with chiclet keyboard


I don't do any gaming, I just need the IOs to be productivity focused


Do let me know if we have any suggestions. 



I hope Linus makes some review video about this



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Hi everyone.

I am not sure if everyone here knows about this.

U can now enable FSR on pretty much every game on steam thanks to Glorious Eggroll's custom Proton.


I personally don't like using Steam, so I was able to get things running on some of my GOG games from the command line.


Maybe someone from LTT could make a video on this and provide more benchmarks, and inform the uninformed.




Speaking of graphics cards,  I was able to test it on an old school HD 7850 and it seemed to work just fine.



Keep Calm and happy gaming !!



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@thunar I have added your suggestion to the Video suggestion thread. 

PSU Tier List Thread

Please make sure to Quote me or @ me to see your reply!


"White Ice"

Ryzen 9 5900x | Asus Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) | EVGA RTX 2080ti | Ballistix 32gb 16-18-16-36 3600mhz | Custom Water Cooling Loop | 1tb Samsung 970 Evo

2tb Crucial MX500 SSD | 2x 3tb Seagate Drive | Fractal Design Meshify S2 |  EVGA G2 750w PSU | 3x Corsair LL140 | 3x Corsair LL120


Dedicated Streaming Rig

 Ryzen 7 3700x | Asus B450-F Strix | 32gb Gskill Flare X 3200mhz | Corsair RM550x | EVGA GTX 1060 3gb | 250gb 860 Evo m.2

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv |  Elgato HD60 Pro | Avermedia Live Gamer Duo | Avermedia 4k GC573 Capture Card


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On 8/6/2021 at 6:25 PM, Thomas A. Fine said:

"Steam Deck convinced me to switch to Linux"


I think this is a going to be a huge and unexpected side-effect.  Even if "huge" is only a jump from 2% to 5%, that's still huge.  People will realize that now that they can most of their favorite games under Linux that this was the last holdout.  Streamers can do all their streaming under Linux; software developers are obviously ready; video producers have Kdenlive, Lightworks, and Davinci Resolve.  Office tools needs are already met for many people with Google Docs, and LibreOffice is fairly mature right now.  For whatever few holdouts are left, it is already going to be a better choice to run Windows (or macOS) in a VM on Linux, rather than vice versa.  The only really big obvious hurdle is Adobe, but they've done Linux support before, and if the Linux user base doubles in a year, they'll come back (at which point the Linux user base would REALLY explode).


This is also a good opportunity for an Anthony video and everybody loves Anthony.


I'm already planning to switch (from mac/hackintosh in my case).


Editing to add: the reason Steam Deck in particular is the watershed event is because of the commitment it represents from Steam.  Proton is great but until now could still be viewed as an experiment that could disappear at any time.  Steam Deck is a real financial commitment.

Yes I'm bumping my own suggestion, but there's one more significant twist to add that I've been considering: not merely switching to Linux, but switching to SteamOS.  And why not?  It's a commercially-supported version of Linux, but at the same time it's free.  It will see rapid security updates, rapid bug fix updates.  Running SteamOS will be like running an OS with the support of RedHat Enterprise, but for free, and with an end-user orientation.


And there announced switch to Arch as the basis for SteamOS means it'll be highly up-to-date.  But again, as a commercially-supported release, it should have the advantages of rolling updates, without the risks (or at least, with those risks being well-mitigated).


So this perhaps pushes a video on this in a different direction.  Not necessarily about switching to Linux, but just... what is it like to daily drive SteamOS for more than just gaming?  How is SteamOS for streamers?  (Will this be a priority due to all the gaming streamers?)  Is it good for developers?  Video editors?  Graphic artists?

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On 7/4/2021 at 12:19 AM, Mhyjo said:

Hey I find an interseting thing on Aliexpress

Guess what, A RGB SHOWER HEAD!

Come on you have already made a GAMING bathroom, should it get more RGB?



Please send me a link to that if you still have it. I will literally buy that and install it in my friend's dorm when he's away and just see his reaction

Is it plugged in? Is it turned on? Are you sure? No, really. 

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Technically just a reminder to do this video. 


A followup video on the eve spectrum with the newer unit that was already sent and that you have. 


The decision to make the updated vid was done via poll back in this wan show video, but since then no news. https://youtu.be/2xlkKIGNsMw


So I assume you might have forgotten about it! Please do the review, lol. Really want to see if they fixed all the problems and such. Most other reviews seem to hold it as a good monitor. 



So yeah, please do the voted upon video already! lol. 



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Linus really needs to do an premium watercooling build based on Optimus Watercooling. There ceratoke ceramic finish is amazing looking, especially on the optimus 3090 kingpin block.


600usd block with active backplate that promises to beat ekwb active by 20degrees.




I even know one of the first 3090 optimus kingpin blocks to come out is coming in 2-3weeks to someone within vancouver (not me).

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This may be something that ends up as more of a series of videos rather than a single video, but a full beginner to intermediate guide on building a NAS would be helpful (for me personally). 


I only suggest this as I'm looking to build a home NAS that (at least for the moment) I would like global remote access to.

To be able to add personal pictures/videos to from my phone, tablet or computer etc.

That I could also that I could add my DVD/Bluray collection to, to stream on up to about 4 devices anywhere in the world.

And that could store most of my steam library, and if it is even possible (discuss in the video maybe), to stream in the data from the NAS directly to my gaming PC to run the game without transferring data to and from every time I want to play.



The things I was thinking that you could specifically address is:

  • Software - what are most of the main types of software available (paid and free), why would you usually use each one, advantages/disadvantages, and how to set it up.
  • Cases - must have features & nice to haves plus possible considerations to be aware of. Also given many people will likely have a NAS in a loft, garage or under the stairs a couple of recommendations for really well filtered cases?
  • Motherboards - must have & nice to have features + how to connect a larger number of storage drives when you've only got a limited number of headers.
  • Drives - discuss NAS specific drives, SSDs vs HDDs, interface types SATA vs SAS vs NVME, plus how to prolong drive life as long as possible.
  • Graphics - how much graphics power do you need for different use cases. Would modern intel IGPUs be enough? 
  • RAM - how much would you need for different size NAS's and what's more important, frequency or timing, plus do you want/need single, dual or quad channel, or does it not really matter?
  • CPU - will any old CPU do, what features are needed/nice to have.
  • PSU - do you want/need something NAS specific of just any standard ATX PSU?
  • Data Array - RAID, UNRAID any other types of data aray, pros & cons + recommendations. Also is this something you check the motherboard for compatability or the storage device?
  • Security - if you allowing online access to the NAS how do you maintain security.
  • A section on other cool things you can do with a NAS that are maybe not as obvious as just mass data storage?
  • Also if you have young kids in the house is there a simple method to ensure they can't access films that are well over their age suitability?
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Another couple of video ideas: 

  • How to maintain security on the Internet, it could include the very obvious such as don't download anything dodgy off the Internet from an un trusted source & change your passwords often, to more advanced tips to maintain a higher level of security.
  • How to keep your child safe on the Internet. Maybe software that allows you to control their phone and PC/laptop, such as stopping them making online purchases without permission, or downloading anything without permission, and how to block certain phone apps or programs on PC, how to block websites for minors etc?
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10 hours ago, Hexxagone said:

Best Buy as a $4000 TV that is projected onto a mirror, idk exactly how it works but maybe you can check it out

It'll just be a mirror with a bit that is partially coated and has a display behind it.

Desktop: i7-5960X 4.4GHz, Noctua NH-D14, ASUS Rampage V, 32GB, RTX3080, 2TB SX8200Pro, 2x16TB Ironwolf RAID0, Corsair HX1200, Thermaltake Overseer RX1, Samsung 4K curved 49" TV, 23" secondary, Mountain Everest Max

Mobile SFF rig: i9-9900K, Noctua NH-L9i, Asrock Z390 Phantom ITX-AC, 32GB, GTX1070, 2x1TB SX8200Pro RAID0, 2x5TB 2.5" HDD RAID0, Athena 500W Flex (Noctua fan), Custom 4.7l 3D printed case


Dell XPS 2 in 1 2019, 32GB, 1TB, 4K


GPD Win 2

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I would love to see what Linus Media Group guys think about the new Thinkpad P1 Gen 4 laptops. 

I would also love to see your take on virtualizing MacOS Big Sur on a Windows host. I have such a setup and it's frustratingly slow and for a lot of deal breaking reasons I don't want to be forced to buy a macbook pro, only because 5% of my workflow has to be done on MacOS, or xcode to be specific. 


Here is more of my reasoning behind my choices:

I’m not getting MacBook pro even if I have to develop for iOS | by Filip Risteski | Aug, 2021 | Medium


I also have mac mini, but it's not really viable to carry it around when traveling and I have to take care to have keyboard, mouse and screen wherever I go, so it's not really practical. A performant VM would be life saver, and I know a lot of people who would do things that way. 

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Lian Li 011 Water Mini

Lian Li 011 Air Mini but powder coat it baby blue, use white parts and watercool it with a plate style reservoir so it looks kinda like a waterfall. Put LED strips behind the reservoir to light it up. 

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