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Strix x570f Green boot led light no post


X570f strix 



Samsung M.2

H115i xt pro aio


So my pc was working fine with this exact set up until u decided  to replace thermal paste and then worked fine But then kept getting usb errors in relation to the h115i. 


Unplugged this now system will not post it does the following. The USB is just for the icue software, the aio still lights up etc.


Its Turns on

The motherboard cycles through the leds cpu gpu memory but stops at the boot one(green led)


Nothing is displayed on the monitor but it is getting a signal from the gpu as it is turning on when pc starts and doesn't say no signal.


I have tried the following 


1 x stick of ram

2 x stick of ram


Re seating cpu , gpu and cables. 


Re-flashing the bios via flash back 


Checked power supply for loose cables.


Clearing cmos 



Thanks in advance. 


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