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playstation 5 problems/questions

hello guys since a few days ago i have a ps5,

but i ran into some questions and probaly problems.


1. i tried pulse 3d headset, well i returned it because  lack of bass.

2. i use my own headset, sony mdr-100abn.

3. i bought a usb 5.0 bt dongle, creative bt-w3.


problems i face atm.


1. when i use my headset 100abn via the creative dongle, the audio is as bad as pulse 3d, lack of bass and wel not good.

2. when i use my headset 100abn wired on controller i have the audio as i am used to.

3. when i use my headset wired to controller i ran into problems, the bluetooth signal drops and laggs audio stutter and controller have instable connection.


how can i slove these problems, i rather use it wireless but i guess sony dont like bass via external audio

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Wireless headphones suck on consoles. Wired is always the better option. I use Phillips sph9500 with a Astro mix amp on the ps5 and it’s been solid. Hell it’s not even bad when plugged into the controller. 

I avoid wireless at all costs, it never works out good for me 

CPU:  Intel i9 10850k

Mobo: Msi Z490 Gaming edge wifi 

Cooler: Evga clc 280mm aio

Fans: 3 Corsair sp120 rgb pro 

GPU:  Evga Rtx 3070 ftw3 ultra gaming 

Ram: 32gb Corsair rgb pro ddr4 3600mhz 

Case: Phanteks P400 

PSU: Corsair Rm850x

Storage: 2Tb Samsung Nvme ssd

Display: Monoprice dark matter 34inch 3440x1440 144hz

Mouse: Glorious model O wireless

Keyboard: Glorious Gmmk


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I just have my wireless headphones connect to my TV via Bluetooth, this way when i swap from gaming to Netflix or watching movies from my HDD, there's no need to connect to new devices. 

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