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Hi everyone,


I have previously had a dual boot windows and linux mint on my pc. I tried to switch to ubuntu and ended up breaking some things. I hard reseted everything, did a full wipe through windows installation, then installed windows, and then installed linux.


The problem is, when I boot into grub, it uses the settings from my Linux Mint grub installation instead of the Ubuntu installation. How is this even possible and how do you fix it?

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My guess would be, that both Linux installs installed the grub boot loader to different locations. You can go in your BIOS settings and check if it detects multiple grub boot loaders, and then change the boot order, so that it prefers the grub install from Ubuntu.

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boot into your new distro and then do sudo update-grub.

Also, in the bios, make sure you select the right drive with your grub bootloader. 

Sudo make me a sandwich 

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Some distributions install grub into the EFI partition, along with it's configuration files. Not all do, but that is one valid way to install grub.


What this means, is that even after deleting all partitions of the said Linux installation, it's grub might still linger on and have it's configuration in the EFI partition. You can even have many grub installation in the EFI partition. If for whatever reason the default UEFI entry is the old grub UEFI entry, updating grub settings from the current Linux OS will not fix things - unless the said command also ensures the grub instance it is controlling is also the default UEFI entry (which, IMHO, it should not do unless the user specifically ask it to do it, since there might be situations where the user does not want it to be the default on purpose).


Overall there is too much guesswork with the level of information OP has provided. Post your whole partition layout and contents of the root of the EFI partition and "EFI" folder on the EFI partition. That way people here can help you =).

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