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found a typo in the windows retail demo

i was exploring the windows retail demo and was trying to get out of it, and i noticed there was a typo (experiance instead of experience).


thought this was kinda funny and wanted to share it.

some chill gamer




core i7 9700f

16gb 2666mhz ram (dual channel)

512gb sandisk sata boot ssd i salvaged from my broken laptop (lenovo doesn't seem to have great quality ideapad laptops)

480gb sata ssd that came with my system

2tb hdd

msi geforce rtx 2060 super

asrock b365m ib-r mobo

logitech g513 rgb keyboard

logitech m720 triathlon wireless mouse

logitech g935 wireless rgb headset

fifine k669b usb mic

some old samsung 1080p60hz monitor (upgrading it soon)

some cheap "rgb" mousepad i got for christmas

and the most important part, real rgb inside the case

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