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1440p vs 4K for 32'' monitor

hi guys,


I was looking to upgrade my current monitor. At the moment i am using an old 1080p 32'' TV, but since i noticed i don't really use it as a TV, was thinking of switching to a full-fledged monitor.


I have it attached to my laptop though a DP to HDMI adapter, so switching to a monitor will hopefully allow me to lose the adapter and go straight to a DP cable. I mainly use it for home office productivity (i'm a software developer) and for media (netflix, youtube, etc). When i'm working i'm at about 50cm/20inch from the screen, while when watching media i am sometimes at about 250cm/8feet, so I found 32'' to be a good sweet spot for the two uses.


At the moment here in the UK I can find a 1440p (Viewsonic VX3276-2K-MHD) for about £190 (250$), while the cheapest 4k (SAMSUNG U32J590) is about £270/370$ for an offer.

Do you think it is worth going the extra mile for a 4K instead of a 1440p?

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This is a Dawid Does Tech stuff video that compares 27 in monitors. Hope it helps!

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If you're going to be doing a lot of office work and content consumption, it would probably be wise to think about a really good 1440p panel rather than a budget 4k one. With a good panel colors would appear more realistic and possibly a decent HDR certification for watching movies. So maybe think about buying a high quality panel instead of 4K, but the samsung one probably isn't all that bad.

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disclaimer: i probably don't know what I'm talking about but I try to give the best advice I can

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12 minutes ago, bracco23 said:

I mainly use it for home office productivity (i'm a software developer)

If you can manage 4k without scaling, then the extra screen space is really useful to have tons of stuff open at once. I use a 43" 4k screen and it's a bliss to have slack, vscode, many terminals and my browser open at once.

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Technically speaking, 1440p is not quite pixel dense enough for 32in. Depending on the viewing distance, you can see the pixels. However, 4K monitors, especially 4K "gaming" monitors are still in their infancy, and you'll get better color accuracy and refresh sticking with 1440p.


That said, you've been working with 1080p at 32", so if you can put up with that, 1440p is going to be just fine.

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I would just go in a store and look at examples, it's what you prioritize thing.


For monitor distance, aka about a arm distance, I would personally go max 27" at 1440p because pixel density.

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