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What's the best 140mm ARGB fan out there

While my opinion may be biased because I've only had about 4 different types of fans, I really like these NZXT ones and these Cooler Master ones. 


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3 minutes ago, BillyGoat1776 said:

Personally, I like the QL series fans from Corsair (i.e. QL-120 or QL-140).  I have used them in several builds.  You can use the iCUE software to manage both the RGB and, if you use a Corsair fan controller with them, you can set custom fan curves in the iCUE software as well.  They are relatively quiet, they do a good job of moving air and they look fantastic.

Additionally, Corsair and ASUS worked something out and, if you have RGB on your motherboard, you can manage that in iCUE as well.

I don't want to turn your thread into a personal 'gallery', but if you want me to post a pic of a system I recently built with these fans installed and some screens of the iCUE management software...let me know and I'll throw a couple in here 🙂

Happy hunting!

Post some pics if you want to

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