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New FTB DW20 server in AUS/NZ


we have just started a new server with my friends and myself and i’m looking to get a few more people to play on it. we are running on the server FTB direwold20 pack (latest version)



  • 16 and over

  • able to talk on TeamSpeak

  • play regularly

  • have a decent ping to NZ (sorry european players)

I will give preference to Aus and NZ players because the server is being hosted in NZ



  1. Absolutely no Griefing

  2. No exploits

  3. No asking for OP

  4. Have fun

Slots: I would like to keep it to 10-15 people

Ram: 3Gb

Cores: 3


No banned items so far but that could change if someone abuses it(ex. Mining laser, TNT). Please no x-ray vision mods. I don't mind maps that show cave systems but would prefer nothing else.

Server is still being worked on occasionally but nothing major

The minecraft difficultly level is currently set at 1 but that can change if enough people would like it more difficult. It was only set there because it's the default and so far there are only about 2-4 people that play on it and most are never on all at once. Feel free to ask me any questions as I might have forgotten to mention something.




apply for whitelist by replying to this thread or PM me with:




''FX-9590 Hotter than lava''

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey there,


Just wondering if you have gregs tech installed? if not would you be willing to install it?

My husband and I have been looking to join a good server.
we current play direwolf20 with gregs tech , but it gets boring with just us two lol :P

we live in Christchurch, NZ

Slowenemy & ThirdP3rson



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