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HDTV for console gaming help, please.




I am looking for an HDTV that is great for playing PS3, PS4 and just a little bit of PC gaming. What I mean is that 95% of the TV's use will be for consoles. I am stuck on make, model and size. I have been messing around with PC monitors so long that I am totally out of the loop when it comes to good TVs. 


I was hoping to get some help from all of you knowledgeable folks over here. My budget is around $300-400. I will not be needing any sort of Smart TV with internet capabilities or 120 Hz. I think that I just need a good, quality HDTV with 60 Hz and that is it. If I had to choose size, I guess I would say anywhere between 32"-47". I know that is a big window, but I really do not know. I will be sitting about 3-6 feet away, for now, but we are moving soon and it will have its own place off of my desk, where it will be further away. 


I hope that made some sort of sense. Thank you in advance for all help.



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Vizio fits your price range and offers a fantastic feature set for the price you pay.

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