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Got my hands on a HP Omen dc 0051nr.

It has a single 16 gb memory stick in it and was wondering if getting another 16 gb stick could improve performance?


And if yes, which and where to buy?


P.S: live in Denmark

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Depends on what you understand by "improving performance." If you are after higher framerates, then the answer is probably not. However, if you are using the device and are running out of system memory, which causes freezing, the it certainly will improve the performance. You can get another module from pretty much anywhere. Key thing to look out for is that this new module needs to be exactly the same spec of the one you already have in order to avoid any incompatibility issues. 

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up untill now i have not experienced any issues with " running out of menory"

But some games hog a lot of memory it seems....like running " squad" it can easy eat 10-11 gb of ram

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