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mail messages sending problem

Please, I would like your help to the following problem I have since a couple of days now.


It's about tablet and the application Gmail on tablet.

On Google Drive there are .pdf and .docx files.



Before problem, I was doing the following steps:


-go to Google Drive

-I selected a file to work on

-choose "More" on the file (three dots)

-from the list I choose Gmail (as an application)

-Gmail application on tablet opened with a new mail message attaching this file

-Entered recipient's mail address



and mail message was sent.


Now, on above procedure, when go on "Send" button, message is not sent. It goes to outbox folder, and I manually have to go to outbox folder, make a refresh and then sending procedure starts.


Strange is that sending mail is sent either to recipient's inbox or spam folder. To a specific recipient, from 10 tries, 8 went to spam folder and 2 on inbox.


Also, the files I am sending are not that huge. Just 50KB - 150KB.


On the other hand, when I go to Gmail application on tablet, create a new mail message, enter just text on subject and body e.g. test, and send it, message is sent with no problem.


But why the above problem was not present before two days? Since it was not present, and since just a simple text message is sent, I think messages with files attached from Google Drive should also be sent.


Can you please help me?


p.s. Receiving works just fine.


Thank you for your time!

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