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Windows 8.1 Slow boot w/ SSD

Hello everybody, 

So i have this problem with my 2 computers: They both have an SSD (one has a samsung 830 series 256gb and the second one has a samsung evo 240GB) but sometimes they boot so slow! i have this issue since a week or two. The weird thing is it isn't always, sometimes they boot normal (+- 10 sec) and sometimes they don't (we're talking about 5 min. +-). This really grinds my gears and i have been breaking my head on it for several days. 
I can startup my browser but when i click my charms bar (search for example ) the charms bar disappears. If i try to open task manager it doesn't open until it is fully booted (the 5 min. i was talking about).

I ran several antivirus programs and scans, use the program startup delayer to delay al my programs (didn't solve it though, installed this after the issue), and asked to a lot of students in my school (i'm studying "applied informatics").

My first pc is my desktop: 
- Intel core I5-4670K
- Samsung Evo 240GB
- Asus TUF Sabertooth Z87
- MSI GeForce Gtx770 Gaming Edition

- Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200rpm
- Scythe Mugen 4 PCGH Edition

- 8GB Crucial Ballistix (2x4GB)
- Seasonic G-Series 650W

My Laptop who also has the issue : 
- Asus N56vm-s3036V with a Samsung 830 Series SSD

The following screenshots are my installed programs for my laptop (similar for desktop but way more games).




And my startup programs (through startup delayer) 


Is it possible that the problem is my avast antivirus? My girlfriend had problems with it but at the moment i didn't had any problems with it. The problem is it is really hard to try things because the problem doesn't always persist.

So if anybody could help me out here , that would be awesome!

If you need some more information: feel free to ask i will try to give you. 
PS: I guess it's noticeable my first language isn't english, sorry for that!


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try removing avast, or disabling it or remove it from your startup applications. how long does it take to see your desktop on a cold boot?

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windows updates badly affect my boot times. run ccleaner and see what programs are on start up and how high their resources are.

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Remove your antivirus and use the built in Windows Defender, I find it works fine for my needs and its the same as Microsoft Security Essentials so its all the protection you need.  Also make sure that the SSD is using sata 6GB/s because that will let it perform better, also check if TRIM is enabled. 

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